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20 Jun

Keep Sofas Fresh with Fresho Cleaning | Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Qatar

The sofa can be considered the focal point of the house, particularly for families in Qatar with young kids and pets. Given that this type of furniture needs to accommodate movie nights, playtime, cuddle sessions, and so on, it does get a lot of use. However, this kind of quality time can also lead to staining, stubborn smells, and overall dullness of the furniture upholstery in question.

FRESHO, being one of the best sofa cleaning companies in Qatar, understands the efforts involved in maintaining the beauty of such lively houses. It’s why the team was created to provide focused sofa cleaning services that effectively address the stains left by children and animals.

The Sofa Cleaning Struggle with Children

Children have a habit of staining the sofa fabric with handprints, juice spills, and crumbs that dig into the furniture’s texture. At the same time, it is clear that those cute faces do not help to clean up! If left on the fabric, then it becomes very hard to avoid these stains when using normal washing processes.

The Pet Hair and Odour Battle

Our pets are our wonderful friends, and they provide us with companionship and many moments of happiness, but they do not hesitate to drop their hair and make messes on our furniture. From dogs causing damage to the arms with their claws to embarrassing wet episodes, it is not an easy task to keep sofas fresh for a pet owner.

The Professional Sofa Cleaning Solution

At FRESHO, our sofa cleaners in Qatar have adopted the use of sophisticated methods and strong yet soft, appropriate cleaning products to recondition soiled and appalling-smelling sofas. Consulting with you, we assess your individual upholstery fabric and its suitability for cleaning. For those hard to Get rid of stains, our team uses state-of-the-art stain treatment and stain locators to effectively remove even the most stubborn stains on your fabric. In addition, we also perform deodorising and sanitising steps to completely eliminate all types of odours from the seating area. Let’s not also count all the absolute pet hair shed! This means that our powerful vacuums and thorough spotless cleaning remove and eliminate every single hair from your sofas, thus eradicating the furry layer.


One of which is the cleaning of your sofas, which is actually an essential part of home maintenance and should not be neglected.  On the one hand, it is good for your health and won’t destroy your furniture. On the other hand, it will make your house look better. There are different types of domestic cleaners on the market, like Fresho. In Doha, Qatar, Fresho is a reputable cleaning services company that provides commercial and residential cleaning services. The great job they do is detailed enough to clean the Sofa effectively and make it a great place to live. You don’t have to worry about little dust bunnies creeping up on your immaculate sofa (or any other furnishing) because Fresho will guarantee you a fresh, inviting space for you to relax.

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