What’s the best way to clean a kitchen?

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14 Jun

The best way to clean a kitchen

It is important and necessary to follow the rule of cleanliness for every single room, especially for the kitchen. But, of course, understanding the most effective ways to do this could be instrumental in saving time and effort. Below are specific tips on cleaning your kitchen properly and quickly.

1. Preparation: Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies: Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies:

● Multi-surface cleaner
● Glass cleaner
● Dish soap
● Baking soda
● White vinegar
● Microfiber cloths
● Scrubbing sponges
● Brooms, mops, or vacuum cleaners
● Garbage bags

2. Declutter and Organize

First of all, it is necessary to clear the kitchen space, although the extent of this process will largely depend on the specific circumstances and capabilities of every individual. Clear out anything that does not belong there, to make room for the optimum placement of appliances, utensils and dishes. A neat environment with minimal items or equipment is easier to clean and reach all regions of the workspace.

3. Wash the dishes and clear the sink basin

Start by cleaning all the dishes that were used during food preparation and consumption and for this, you may have to wash them or put them in the dishwasher. After washing all the dishes and rinsing them with clean water, pour some baking soda onto the sink and wash it with a sponge. Either use water to wash it properly or use a mild soap solution to clean it before final wiping using a microfiber cloth to give it a nice shine.

4. Spearhead the Work on Counter Surfaces and the Backsplash

First, wet the countertop and the backsplash using a multi-surface cleaner. This will allow the built-up grime or grease in the pan to soften up if any is present. Clean them with microfiber/soft cloth and ensure that you go over the areas that may have accumulated stains or are sticky.

5. Remove Food particles From the Stove and Oven

It is advisable to clean the grate and burners of the stove with soapy water. Tackle the stove surface, cleaning away the greasy build-up with the help of a degreaser. For the oven, apply only an oven cleaner product or baking soda and water. Put this mixture on the interior, let it sit for a few hours, then scrub and wipe everything clean.

6. Wipe Down Appliances

It is advisable to use a glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner to clean the outer handles of your appliances, such as the refrigerator, the microwave, the dishwasher, etc. When cleaning stainless steel appliances, one should use only the appliance-recommended cleaner or diluted vinegar that does not produce streaks.

7. Organize the Cabinets and Drawers

Clean the sides and exteriors of your cabinets and drawers by using a damp cloth. For oily areas, vinegar mixed with water solution can also work. If the interiors require washing, then this has to be done, alongside the movable contents of the place.

8. Vacuum the Carpet and Wash the Windows

House cleaning should commence with sweeping the floor or vacuuming to get rid of any dust and any other loose material on the floor. Then, sweep with a suitable cleaning detergent on the floor type of the house. Those working with tile or linoleum should use warm water and vinegar solution. When cleaning wooden floors, use a cleaner that is meant for the wood in particular.

9. Take Out the Trash and Wash the Bin

Empty the bin and put a new bin bag in when needed. Your trash bin should be cleaned when it is dirty or smells bad: Scrub it with soap and water and then use a disinfectant before you put a new trash bag in it.

10. Final Touches

Lastly, from cleaning all the parts, use a disinfectant to clean doorknobs, light switches, handles, and other frequently touched surfaces. For the final cleaning, change all dishtowels and sponges and check if all equipment is in its proper place in the kitchen.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Kitchen

Clean as You Go: Clean the surface and wash the utensils used while preparing meals to avoid secondary cleaning.
Daily Quick Clean: It is important to spend some time every day, even if it’s only a few minutes, and do some cleaning to avoid massive clutter buildup.
Weekly Deep Clean: Set aside each day of the week to clean carefully areas that are more dirty.
Organise Regularly: You should clean your kitchen frequently to improve its hygiene and appearance, and organisation can help you with this.

The need to keep the kitchen clean does not have to make you feel like it is one of the hardest tasks that can be undertaken. If you follow these procedures and recommendations, then you will be able to maintain the cleanliness and guest-friendliness of the kitchen. At times, when customers require help or hire professional cleaning services, Fresho stands out as the most reliable option for cleaning a kitchen spotlessly. At the present time, Fresho is among the leaders of the cleaning services industry in Doha, Qatar, and that is why we offer only the best cleaning services for both private homes and offices. The cleaners are hardworking and competent subordinates who comprehensively know what their tasks are and aim to reach optimal performance with a focus on precision. With such trained and bonded workers, Fresho is now the leading cleaning service where every task is performed by a suitable person. If you want your kitchen or any other part of your house to be clean, contact Fresho and enjoy the best work done every time.


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